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Drama Games for Long car rides

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So lockdowns over, you find yourself with a free weekend and an insatiable desire to escape the city. You jump in the car and a few hours later you’re fanging down the hume highway (or any equally boring road), out of reception, sick of podcasts and feeling a bit ill from those 10 maccas hash browns you just consumed. It’s the perfect time to buckle up and get giggling with these five car ride drama games that will help you pass the time


An absolute classic, we humans are obsessed with finding patterns and narratives everywhere we look. See how far into the bizarre you can delve with this simple game

Step 1: The narrator (this role rotates every round) begins the story with a simple 

sentence which lays the foundations of the tale. For example

“Once upon a time, there was an elf who loved playing with frogs” 

Step 2: Moving in a clockwise direction each player has one word to build and move this 

Story forward

Step 3: At anytime the narrator can call “twist”, this reverses the direction of the order 

and the players have three rotations to introduce a twist in the story

Step 4: When the narrator feels like the story has come to a climax they call “final 

Chapter”, the players now have four rotations to wrap up the story and bring it to 

“The End”

Step 5: The narrator changes and steps 1-4 are repeated

Extra rules: If the narrator has become too power hungry with the twists or has let the story 

go on for too long the rest of the players can call “mutiny”, this is effectively the 

same as “final chapter” and the story must end in four rotations. Mutiny requires 

Each player to say “mutiny” as there word in a rotation, if any player (except the 

narrator) says a different word the story continues as normal


This one is a fun rhythmic game that shows a bit of love to everybody’s favourite first lady

Step 1: start a group clap (not the driver) to set the tempo. Not too fast not too slow, try to

set it at the speed of fun

Step 2: In unison the players all sing “RANDOM FACTS ABOUT MICHELLE OBAMA”

Step 3: Starting with the driver and moving clockwise, each player has four claps to say a 

random fact (real or imagined) about michelle obama, for example 


Emma: She was born in Chicago 


Ed: She has a collection of green water bottles


Jessie: I don’t understand this game


Step 4: Continue until you are sick of the game or have arrived at your destination

  • The last laugh 

So you want to be a poet, rapper or just have some fun? All you gotta do in this game is make sure you’ve got some instrumental beats downloaded, make sure your seatbelts have enough slack for a boogie and be like kendrick. In other words “Get yo’ freestyles ready!”.

Freestyling is a great way to practice rhyme and flow, don’t be intimidated by needing to be good or for things to make sense, just get going and see where it leads, you will probably be surprised at how good your bars are if you just get out of your own way.

Step 1: Turn up the speakers and play some freestyle beats. Some of my faves are Ta-ku’s 

“do what you love”, anything by J dilla or the Run the Jewels instrumentals. You can 

always download a spotify beats playlist as well. The key is to have something with 

enough variation and length that you can just set and forget

Step 2: Get rhyming, start with the driver just get going, if you don’t know where to start 

look around and list the things you see. It helps if you move your body to the beat

Step 3: Don’t be selfish with the bars, once you’ve had a few good lines pass it onto the 

next person, hyping them up always helps and peoples names are usually pretty 

easy to rhyme with

Step 4: If your a bit of a pro, try use the last line or word of the previous persons verse to 

launch into your own.

Eg. person A: driving down the hume soon well be at destination 

Playing car games like a rappin playstation

Person B: playing at the station like thomas the tank

Bars so hard Ima take em to the bank

Step 5: Keep going until you can’t any longer, some of the funniest freestyles happen when 

You are exhausted and out of ideas.

Tip: If you are struggling to find a rhyme, don’t break your flow, just use gibberish. Some of the best poets in the world have invented words, Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, Kanye, they have all used made up words because sometimes in poetry, the meaning transcends the limitations of the english language. So just mumble through some random noises and hit it hard on the next line. 


This game can be a bit tricky, especially with a lot of people, but the satisfaction and celebration if you all say the same thing is definitely worth it. This game helps stretch your imagination and develops your collaborative techniques. 

Step 1: On the count of three all of the players simultaneously say a word, the first thing 

that comes into their head, the broader it is the easier the game, the more strange and specific and you could be playing for a while.

Step 2: Everyone’s words are repeated individually so it is clear what was said. From that 

collection of words each player must come up with a word that links them all

Step 3: once everyone is ready there is another count of three and everyone 

simultaneously says their new linking words

Step 4: Steps 2 and 3 are repeated until everyone says the exact same word

Step 5: Celebrate

Here’s an example:


Person A- Biscuit Person B- Cloud Person C- Dog


Person A- Tiny teddy Person B- Fluffy Person C- Picnic


Person A- Blanket Person B- Snacks Person C- Food


Person A- Popcorn Person B- Popcorn Person C- popcorn


I hope these games serve you well on your long drives. Keep in mind that they are designed for fun and try to open up your sense of play. Most things in life are just elaborate games and if you know the rules, acknowledge how arbitrary most are, and play, you can move through the world like it’s one big playground. Now go have some fun!

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