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A day in the life of a Poetry In Action actor on tour!

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Everyday is different for a PIA actor on tour! Some days are full on and packed with performances and running around to schools. Other times it can be slow with only one show and you get the rest of the day to explore where you are staying. This day in a life is from Emma from when Team Raven were in Darwin back in May.

7:15am – WAKE UP and get the day started! 

We have to get to the school at around 8:45, so I need to get up and make myself presentable. I also can not do tour without coffee, so the three of us plan our mornings the night before and make sure we have time for coffee. I also need time to do a vocal and physical warm up. We have 2 shows today, so I need to make sure I am in tip top shape to perform.

8:15am – Coffee Time!

We stumbled upon a very cute cafe near our air bnb called Lucky Bat Cafe (I MISS IT!). I would walk to it in the mornings. They make the best iced dirty chai latte and they would put ice cream in it. Thinking about this drink, I want it now! Darwin was 30 degrees most days, so all my coffee orders were iced. I also ordered a cheeky croissant. Then Ed and Jessie picked me up and we were on our way to the school! 

8:45am – Arrive at St John’s Catholic College

We always arrive at schools 30 minutes before our performance so we can sign in and set up for the performance. 

9:15am – First Performance!

Our first show of the day was Power of Poetry, which is a show for junior kids and it centers around a love story between Ed and myself. This is one of my favorite shows to perform! In this performance the kids were super vocal and laughing all the way through, which makes acting it so much more enjoyable! We had a quick Q&A afterwards and the kids asked some great questions about acting and poetry. 

10:15am – Break Time

We then had a 40min break between shows. We take this time to pack down our first show and set up for the second. We also pack snacks with us and I have a lie down to recharge between shows.

11:15am – Second Performance!

Second show of the day is Fact Vs Fiction. It is a show for the senior students exploring the merits of Fact and Fiction and what role they play in the media we consume. This is more of a heavy text show and requires us to be focused and listening to each other (hence my nap). The show went great, the students were super engaged and we had a blast performing. 

12:15pm – Done for the day!

We packed up our props and signed out of the school, not before taking a cheeky instagram. The 3 of us decided we wanted to explore more of Darwin, so we decided to head to Litchfield National Park which had some amazing rock pools to swim in. Ed and Jessie went to grab lunch and I ran to the shops to buy some swimmers (forgot to bring mine). Then we were off for a 2 hour drive. 

1:00pm – Long Drive

The 3 of us have shared some very long drives together so we have a little routine of what works. Someone drives (obviously), whoever is the front passenger is DJ and the backseat bandit can sleep. I have to give a shoutout to Ed and Jessie for doing most of the driving on our trips, I myself did love to be DJ.

3:00pm – Litchfield National Park

We parked our car, slapped on some sunscreen and started the walk. It was a short walk to the pools full of gorgeous scenery. But the pools were magical. If you look up pictures of the national park, the images of the pool are the first that come up. It’s this big clear rock pool with 2 waterfalls running into it. It was one of the most gorgeous sites I had ever seen. We swam and read and just enjoyed the magic of the Top End. If you are ever in Darwin I highly recommend going to Litchfield.  

5:00pm – Long Drive Back

We decided to only visit that one site since the drive was long and we had a big show day the next day. We drove back through the park, occasionally stopping to look at the biggest termite mounds I’ve ever seen. We stopped just at the end of the park to watch the red sun go under the horizon. Darwin had some of the most amazing sunsets I had ever seen and this one tops the list. A big red sun against a purple sky. 

Dinner Time and Pink Moon!

Tonight was the big ol’ Pink moon! We got back to our air bnb, made our dinners and sat around the pool (one of the best air bnb we stayed in). We watched the moon rise and it was beautiful! I am also into tarot cards, so I read everyone’s cards and also cleansed them in the moonlight. It was one jam packed day but it was awesome!

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