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Team Nightingale



Holly is a Sydney-based actor, writer, and director. She studied in Queensland where she explored her love of words, writing poetry and plays, until she moved to Sydney to commence her actor training.

While at drama school she played many roles including Queen Elizabeth in Richard III, Polina in The Seagull, multiple roles in The Laramie Project, and adapted and directed her own version of Sophocles’ Electra.

Holly is excited to share her love of poetry & storytelling touring with Poetry In Action next year!



Josh is a Sydney-based actor and writer with a passion for poetry and theatre. He grew up island-hopping around South East Asia, and has just graduated from drama school with a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Stage and Screen).

Josh has a giant soft spot for the poetry of Mary Oliver and Robert Gray, and he is excited to spread this love for language to the students next year!

Team Raven



Growing up in Townsville Gemma’s love of poetry started from a young age, reading the works of Lewis Carroll (The Walrus and the Carpenter is a particular favourite of hers).

Gemma’s acting dreams took her to Sydney where she studied a Bachelor of Performing Arts where she had the joy of taking on the roles of Masha in Three Sisters, Lady Anne in Richard III, Ismene in Antigone, Coral in A Conversation, Michelle in The Boys and Juror 4 in Twelve Angry Men.

She can’t wait to share her love of poetry with students all over the country!



John is an actor, writer, theatre-maker, and musician.
He recently graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Stage and Screen) and while studying played roles including Creon in Antigone, John Proctor in The Crucible, and Vershinin in The Three Sisters.

John has also written an original play titled The Partygoers which he produced, co-directed, and acted in.

John is so excited to be touring with Poetry in Action in 2024. He loves performing more than anything else in life. Except golden peaches. John simply loves golden peaches. He thinks they’re the greatest fruit that’s ever existed. In fact, he really only took this job to afford more golden peaches.



Audrey completed a BA in Acting, and since graduating has performed in multiple TV, film, and theatre productions including Collaborators, Picnic at Hanging Rock, Home and Away, and Les Norton. Audrey has also appeared in commercials, and worked on play developments.

Audrey is also a successful voice over artist, and is a visiting teaching artist for Sport for Jove Theatre Co. She also holds a Diploma in Film & Television and is a proud member of MEAA.

We can’t wait to see more from Audrey as he visits schools across Australia with Team Raven!

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