This funny and poignant show looks at the uniting nature of the art form of poetry. From love poetry written on scraps of papyrus in Ancient Egypt to the poetic traditions of Australia and New Zealand’s first nations and the heightened worlds of William Shakespeare, poetry exists in the bedrock of every human culture on the planet.

This beautiful show, featuring three characters desperately trying to prove themselves in the cut throat world of television, celebrates both the differences and the similarities of people around the world. It shows, as Maya Angelou says, that ‘we are more alike my friends than we are un-alike’. It also examines how poetry can continue to be a sustainable art form into the future providing a fantastic launch-pad for broadening your students’ perspectives.

Features poetry from Basho, Maya Angelou, Malcolm London, WH Auden, Peter Garrett, Khalil Gibran, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and William Wordsworth.