Bryce-Youngman-226312Why would anyone want to start a company dedicated to the performance of poetry? It’s a fair question.

My answer is that poetry is the most specialised, potent form of expression in any language. Think about that for a second, because it’s actually a really incredible concept.

Regardless of how human languages developed, the vocabulary, the geography or the historical context – where there is human language there is poetry in some form or another.


What is it about specialised collections of words that is so vital to humans that it could spontaneously erupt in cultures separated by incredibly vast distances and disparate timeframes?

It’s because poetry is the sum of us as a species. Like all art it strives to define what it means to be human. It is our biggest ideas, our deepest fears, our truest emotions and our cruelest discoveries.

As an actor, that’s the meat I want to feed on. I want to instil a respect and a love for language in my audience and show them some of the most compelling works ever created by mankind.

And that’s why Poetry in Action exists.

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A taste of the Poetry in Action experience