The Poet’s Quest (years 7-8)


Directed by Darren Gilshenan

Back for an encore season after its successful debut in 2016 – join us on The Poet’s Quest! Follow our bumbling hero Blake Williams as he embarks upon a time travelling adventure that brings all the joy and frivolity of language to life. Witness Blake’s transformation from being unable to express himself to learning how poetry can help him win back his muse and save the world as we know it!

Your students will laugh and learn with Blake as he masters the techniques of poetry from some of the greatest poets in history. Featuring a fantastic selection of poetry and songs, this exciting show was seen and loved by thousands of students in 2016 and this reinvigorated version will no doubt win you over too. Not one to miss!

Features poetry from a range of poets including TS Eliot, Edwin John Pratt, Dorothea Mackellar, WT Goodge, Pablo Neruda and Anna Akhmatova.

The United Nations of Poetry (years 8-10)


This funny and poignant show looks at the uniting nature of the art form of poetry. From love poetry written on scraps of papyrus in Ancient Egypt to the poetic traditions of Australia and New Zealand’s first nations and the heightened worlds of William Shakespeare, poetry exists in the bedrock of every human culture on the planet.

This beautiful show, featuring three characters desperately trying to prove themselves in the cut throat world of television, celebrates both the differences and the similarities of people around the world. It shows, as Maya Angelou says, that ‘we are more alike my friends than we are un-alike’. It also examines how poetry can continue to be a sustainable art form into the future providing a fantastic launch-pad for broadening your students’ perspectives.

Features poetry from Basho, Maya Angelou, Malcolm London, WH Auden, Peter Garrett, Khalil Gibran, Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner and William Wordsworth.

Fact vs. Fiction (years 9-11)


Directed by Christopher Stollery

This dynamic and brand new show from the pen of Joanna Erskine explores the power and impact of language, speeches and poetry in the real and fictional worlds. Who can we trust? Who is deceiving us?

How can we possibly tell the difference?

If, as Coleridge says, poetry is simply ‘the best words in the best order’ how can our leaders use poetry to better express the needs and ideas of our time?

Using excerpts from film, television, poetry, and real life, students will navigate the world of critical literacy. An insightful and entertaining show that will give students the tools to question and challenge the wealth of information in our modern world.

Includes selections of work from: V for Vendetta, Network, Newsroom, Emily Dickinson, Carl Sagan, Barack Obama and more.

Words of War (years 10-12 or any students studying war poetry)


Directed by Samantha Young

2018 will mark 100 years since celebrated World War 1 poet Wilfred Owen died at the age of 25. Much like Owen’s work itself, Words of War reverberates with passion, anger, humour and heartbreak.

Featuring an updated script from playwright Matt Edgerton to mark the anniversary this show is more powerful and prescient then ever.

Words of War follows the life of Owen and
the influences that led him to become one of the most striking and brilliant voices of his era. The show examines people’s attitudes to war and how, through Owen’s poetry, we can come to a better understanding of war today.

Poems include: Spring Offensive, Dulce et Decorum Est, Parable of the Old Man and the Young, Mental Cases, Disabled, Anthem for Doomed Youth, Futility.